A Guide to Decorating a Short Term Rental Bedroom

When Decorating a Short Term Rental Bedroom keep in mind that the end result should produce a distinct memorable impression.🛋✨ Colors, space, textures and decorations all set a bedroom’s mood and create a definite, pleasurable look.  Comfort cannot be overlooked.  So your goal is to create memorable spaces that guests will want to return to.

💫The most important factors are the symmetry and size of your furnishings. The bedroom is your personal oasis and should not be cluttered with too many objects creating a claustrophobic effect. Guests will drag their suitcases into the bedroom so you’ll need ample space between dressers, footboards, nightstands etc.
💫Colors and elements in the room that photograph well and are exciting capture your guests interests. You only get a few seconds to wow your potential guests over with online photos.  Wallpaper, wood trim feature walls, accent paint and interesting, colorful artwork bring in these elements.   Scarves, throws and decorative pillows bring in texture and color.
💫A chair or bench color can be repeated on a throw, pillows, accessories, artwork or lamps to maintain balance. Furniture in the bedroom is of utmost importance.  If you bring in too many pieces your bedroom will look cluttered and overdressed, so your bed should be in proportion to the size of the bedroom.
💫Comfort is key – a bed should offer quality, comfort and a feeling of elegance. Nightstands should provide space for lighting, books, medications, etc.  You’ll want to make sure you have some closet space or drawer space.   The importance of  a good quality Mattress and Boxsprings can’t be stressed enough. The number one amenity guests are looking for according to a recent Airbnb Study is a good quality mattress.  A plush mattress is the most preferred as it’s a nice balance between firm and pillowtop.
💫Lighting should be gentle and relaxing. Their should be plenty of light in the room and where possible two sources. Table lamps and a well hung chandelier or ceiling fan with light kit are ample. Subtle light gives a romantic feeling to the room and focused light (table lamps, or wall hung sconces) are good for detail work like reading. Mirrors help to give the room a larger look and reflect light. A beautiful floor length mirror can add to the décor and provide guests a chance to check out their look before heading out the door.
💫Let’s not forget how important window coverings are. They serve so many purposes. Window treatments are another chance to bring texture, color or pattern into a room. Black out drapes in an adult room help block out light and sound.  Drapes can help insulate a room keeping the outdoor elements away if the right fabric is chosen.
💫A bedroom should be well ventilated, designed for comfort and stocked with extra sheets, pillows for sleeping, hangers, and blankets for those cold nights.

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