Light up your Short Term Rental – Three Tips for Designing with Light💡

✨The use of light is an integral element in art, architecture and design. Light has the power to dramatically change the look and feel of everything, from a sculpture to a family room or hallway. Incorporating lighting elements into your Short Term Rental can alter the ambience from clean and modern to warm and rustic, creating specific moods and enhancing colors and textures. So consider these tips for brining both natural and artificial light elements into your Short Term Rental for breathtaking results.

💫Let the natural light shine in. Windows bring the dynamic qualities of daylight into a home, capturing outside views, enhancing colors and flooding surfaces.  Consider using stationary drapery panels on short decorative rods in common areas to frame your windows.  This will showcase your windows allowing as much light as possible into the space.

💫Use decorative lights for night and day. Use your imagination and place alternative lighting where it showcases features inside and outside of your home. An example would be lighting up a stunning piece of artwork or decorative sconces to frame your tv feature wall. Don’t neglect your outdoor spaces. Bistro lights or up/down lights on your pool cage can really set a dramatic and cozy feel outdoors. Consider adding color changing lights to your pool and WOW your guests if budget allows.

💫Reflect light to enhance the ambiance in your Short Term Rental. Often overlooked as a key element in the lighting of a home, mirrors have traditionally been utilized solely as a tool for personal reflection. The creative placement of mirrors can throw light around the room, making a room sparkle and look larger. While an entire wall may seem risky, the placement of framed mirrors sporadically on a particular wall brings a fresh, artistic element into the home.

✨Regardless of it’s source, whether it’s natural light that streams in through a window, or the soft glow from a table lamp or chandelier – lighting is an important decorative accessory in your Short Term Rental.

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