The top room to stage in your Short Term Rental.   In the 2022 Profile of Home Staging report by the National Association of Realtors, findings show that the living room holds the top priority for staging among buyers, with 39% of respondents highlighting its importance. While the top room to stage in your Short Term Rental is your Living Room, Staging all Spaces in your Short Term Rental are critical for amazing photos that will attract buyers and guests. Let’s look at some ways you can make your Rooms Look Professionally Designed and Staged. 🏠🎯✨

  • One of the most important elements of staging is high quality furnishings and great space planning.  Guests will welcome a cozy look but with enough space to move around comfortably.  This can be achieved by carefully planning out your space and purchases before taking the plunge.  Night stands in bedrooms and side tables in living rooms should be available for table lamps, drinks, reading material, etc.  You want to make sure you have enough furniture in the space but not so much that it’s cluttered and difficult to move around.
  • Adequate Light Sources are high on the list of importance when staging and preparing your spaces. When thinking about your lighting plan there are three types to consider.  General lighting, task lighting and accent or mood lighting.  General lighting can include downlights, pendant lights, fluorescent and led lights.  General lighting is used to provide an adequate amount of uniform lighting in a space.   Task lighting provides a concentrated beam of bright light onto specific surfaces for activities like preparing food, applying makeup or reading.  Some examples of task lighting are table lamps, under cabinet lights, pendant lights, downlights and sconces.  And finally accent lighting which is used to highlight decorative features of the room.  For example a spotlight might be used to highlight a piece of artwork or led strip lighting can be used to highlight murals or feature walls.  A balance of all three types of lighting can make a huge difference not only in your photographs but how your guests will feel  relaxing or working in the different areas of your Short Term Rental.
  • Since the Living Room is the top room to stage in your Short Term Rental an Area Rug is almost always an option unless you have carpeting.  An area rug helps pull your space together and adds another opportunity to bring in texture, color and interest.  It grounds and unifies the furnishings and should compliment the décor of the room.  Make sure your area rug sits under your key furniture pieces by at least several inches.  Nothing worse than seeing a rug is way too small for a space and one that does not marry well with the colors and style of the room.
  • Throw pillows and blankets are an excellent way to make your guests feel at home and your photographs stand out.  They add another opportunity to bring in fabric, color and textures all adding to the coziness, interest and cohesiveness of your spaces.
  • Mirrors are high on the list of elements that can create a space your guests won’t want to leave.  Mirrors strategically placed can make a small room appear much larger and when positioned so that light sources reflect on the mirror can help tremendously if you don’t have enough natural light coming into your room.  Mirrors play a part in the décor of your room as well and come in so many different shapes and sizes the possibilities are endless.
  • Artwork brings so much life and interest to your rooms.  You’ll want to choose high quality artwork and wall hangings and plan out your space well before investing in these key elements.  If I had a dollar for every time I’ve walked a Short Term Rental and the artwork is not the right size, hmmm.  Your artwork or wall hangings should occupy around 66% of the wall  space they are being placed on.  By far the most common mistake I see as a Short Term Rental Design Expert is artwork that is way too small for a space or it’s content does not marry well with the style of the furnishings.
  • Interesting feature walls make a statement and there are so many different ways now to bring in this important element.  Accent paint, wood trim feature walls, wallpaper, wainscotting, etc.  The possibilities are endless and it just takes a little imagination to create a stunning wall that will not only photograph well but will leave your guest impressed!
  • Finally don’t forget decoratives which are the final touches in any room and there are so many great choices out there today.  Plants are great addition to any room.  Faux plants are best in your short term rental, but use them sparingly as they most likely won’t get cleaned regularly.  Faux candles (definitely not the real deal in a  Short Term Rental for safety reasons), vases, coasters, sculptures, trays, etc.  The choices are endless and affordable and offer a great opportunity to bring in texture, interest and pops of color.

Take the time to plan your Short Term Rental Furnishings well and your photographs will be eye catching and your guest will feel comfortable and excited to return for their next vacation!

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