Living Room Features in your Short Term Rental – The one space in your Short Term Rental that should have that perfect balance of function and comfort is the place your guests will spend so much of their time – the living room. I love helping clients redesign their space so they can achieve full functionality and comfort. Here are the Living Room Features in your Short Term Rental I recommend for a well-designed living room and they’re guaranteed to take your living room project from good to great! ✨✨✨

1. Connection to the outdoors (sliders or large windows) carry your living room colors and décor to the outside to make your space feel even larger.

2. Durable performance fabrics – spend a little more on your key surfaces, your Sofas/Loveseats/Sectionals and Accent Chairs 

3. Multiple seating options.  Provide at least two different areas for seating in your main gathering space so guest feel comfortable.

4. Exciting TV Feature Wall – Every Room should have a focal point to draw the eye to.  The TV Wall is the perfect spot to use your imagination and bring in interesting elements like wallpaper, wood trim, accent paint, etc.

5. Large area rug – a beautiful area rug grounds your furniture and creates a cozy ambience.  It’s another opportunity to bring in color and texture.

6. Comfortable well made furniture – stay away from inexpensive flat pack furniture and hard or too soft key seating pieces.   

7. Layered lighting, textures and colors 

8. Plenty of table space for drinks, games, etc.

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